Think of your core messages

Think of your core messages

You reach your Twitter target group with a core message. That’s what your entire online strategy should be about: the core message is a concise summary of what the company wants to express and what the company’s core values are. Also, consider how you can underline this through your content marketing. For example, are customer testimonials or white papers the right format? Are you a creative company or is seriousness your top priority? In this context, you should also consider what distinguishes you from your competitors and how you can best represent this feature through content marketing.

Brand building has more and more to do with personalities

Consumers increasingly want to know who is behind the products they buy on the Internet. Giving your name to your products personally triggers confidence. They give your products a face. You can easily tell stories about your products – for example, the initial history of your company and the milestones in the following years. Also, the employees in your company are important to hone the brand. After all, the expertise of our employees also stands for the quality of your company. Meanwhile, many companies publish photos of their employees to show people behind the products and services.

If there is no net neutrality and therefore less competition and innovation, customers will eventually have no choice but to turn to the big companies (with the big purses). Their unrivalled services will eventually become very expensive, very mediocre or worse – but customers must accept them no matter what.

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