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Is your page smartphone-friendly?

Is your page smartphone-friendly?

So that companies and webmasters can check whether their website meets the criteria of a user-friendly mobile version, Google has published a tool. The little helper can be reached at this link:

The test takes only a few seconds. Just enter the URL of your website into the tool and check whether your site meets the technical requirements. If not, they should take the suggested optimization measures as soon as possible.

Website Optimization: So important is a user-friendly mobile version

Mobile internet Toronto SEO usage is steadily rising. For example, a survey by Tomorrow Focus AG in early 2014 revealed that over 47 percent of Germans use the mobile Internet with their mobile phone several times a day. More than 23 percent said they would be able to access the Internet at least once a day. According to surveys by the Federal Statistical Office, in 2012 there were still around 21 million mobile Internet users, compared to almost 30 million in 2013.

Checklist: Make your website fit for mobile traffic

How many mobile visitors is your website already listing? Measure the bounce rate of mobile traffic to see how satisfied users are with your offer.

Principle: In your mobile website, focus on ease of use, simple layout and low load times.

Make sure that the design of your mobile site is not too different from the desktop version – Recurring users should not experience a “break” in the design.

Does your website adapt to the visitor’s device (responsive design), or do you use an extra subdomain for your mobile page? In the second case: make sure not to create any duplicate content and link rel = alternate and link rel = canonical tags if necessary.

Some users generally prefer the usual desktop version of a page. Allow mobile visitors also to access the desktop variant. Make this option clearly visible.

If your mobile website is located on a subdomain, please check the Webmaster Tools to see if Google has trouble crawling your mobile content. Also, create a mobile sitemap in the Webmaster Tools.

Test the mobile version of your website with different devices: with various smartphones, tablets and operating systems. The text and content of the mobile website should adapt to the size of the mobile display so that the user does not have to zoom in or change to landscape mode.

Links should stand with enough distance from each other. A proven space between two links is 28 pixels.