How often should you publish posts on social media?

How often should you publish posts on social media?

Even experts can quickly be overwhelmed by the world of social media. #letsgetoptimized It is not an easy task to choose the appropriate networks and find out what, how often and at what time you should publish.

We analyzed the data and performance of HubSpot customers over a one-week period. This corresponds to around 10,000 profiles on various social media platforms, 15,000 posts on LinkedIn company pages, 25,000 posts on Facebook company profiles and around 60,000 posts on Twitter.

Our goal was finally to find an answer to one of the most burning questions about social media: How often should social media marketers publish posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to get the maximum impact? And when exactly should one publish his contributions?

Please note that the data evaluated was data from the US market, which may cause deviations for other markets. However, it can be expected that the general trends presented here will also affect other regions.

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When is the best time for Twitter posts?

Based on our data, it seems as if the time does not matter. For many, this is certainly a surprise. Although the click-through rate is a bit higher at the beginning and the end of the day, the number of posts is quite low at this time, so there is no statistical difference.

You can confidently post your posts on Twitter if you feel like it. Rather, focus on what you write instead of when you write it.

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