How do companies measure their success?

How do companies measure their success?

The indicators of the success of an SEO strategy must be carefully tracked for its development and regularly reviewed. But which metrics indicate the success of an SEO campaign? The following KPIs are especially important to the participants in the survey when it comes to evaluating the performance of the SEO measures:

  • Your website positions in search results per keyword: 54%
  • Traffic per keyword: 50%
  • Traffic per source of visitors: 43%
  • Conversions of call-to-action elements: 43%
  • Absolute Website Traffic: 37%
  • Dwell time per visit: 28%
  • Page views: 15%
  • Backlinks: 7%


To be successful in SEO and to become independent of paid advertising, companies have to combine the right measures into one strategy. Companies stand in the way for Seth Dotterer, Deputy Marketing Director of Conductor, for three reasons:

  • Companies are missing methods to reduce revenue growth for SEO. Even the contrary case, if competitors win relevant traffic and thus secure market share, the companies could not precise enough attributed to the lack of SEO successes.
  • The teams in the big companies often do not work together enough. SEO is treated separately from other topics such as content creation and key business areas such as marketing and product development and is, therefore, less effective.
  • Those responsible think unilaterally: this starts with the search for search terms without looking at related terms and extends to the lack of concepts for the holistic content creation and different formats such as videos and other creative ways for more presence on the net.

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