Find A Quick Way To seo

Find A Quick Way To seo

But beware – search engines will penalize exact match domains crammed with keywords. So, if you’re thinking about starting, think again. Stay with and it should work just fine for you.

Avoid Search Penalties

There are a few things you should also avoid when optimizing your page with keywords, so be careful about the following rough SEO practices that some people (amazingly) still use:

1) Never hide keywords. Whether using the same background colour as for the text or by hiding them behind images or in the background of the page through CSS. (I know, I can not believe I have to say that). These practices are not tolerated by search engines and can result in penalties – and simply will not be effective either way.

2) Avoid keyword stuffing. Avoid overflowing with keywords in Title, Headings, Description, Page Content, and URLs. This seems spammy and is not tolerated by search engines.

3) Do not force keywords where they do not belong. This is not quite the same as stuffing a lot of keywords into a post. It’s more about forcing a keyword into action – even if it’s just one – where it does not belong, contextually. (Note: if you can not figure out where to put a keyword in a piece of content, it’s often a sign that the content is not well aligned with what your personas need.).

You are a busy marketer with a lot of things on your plate. SEO does not have to go to the bottom of your priority list due to knowledge gaps – or worse, for fear of doing it wrong. The most important thing to remember is the user experience of your users. Think of them first, and search engines second, and you’ll do everything right.

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