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Month: August 2018

Think of your core messages

Think of your core messages

You reach your Twitter target group with a core message. That’s what your entire online strategy should be about: the core message is a concise summary of what the company wants to express and what the company’s core values are. Also, consider how you can underline this through your content marketing. For example, are customer testimonials or white papers the right format? Are you a creative company or is seriousness your top priority? In this context, you should also consider what distinguishes you from your competitors and how you can best represent this feature through content marketing.

Brand building has more and more to do with personalities

Consumers increasingly want to know who is behind the products they buy on the Internet. Giving your name to your products personally triggers confidence. They give your products a face. You can easily tell stories about your products – for example, the initial history of your company and the milestones in the following years. Also, the employees in your company are important to hone the brand. After all, the expertise of our employees also stands for the quality of your company. Meanwhile, many companies publish photos of their employees to show people behind the products and services.

If there is no net neutrality and therefore less competition and innovation, customers will eventually have no choice but to turn to the big companies (with the big purses). Their unrivalled services will eventually become very expensive, very mediocre or worse – but customers must accept them no matter what.

It’s Difficult to Keep Speed with Online Marketing

It’s Difficult to Keep Speed with Online Marketing

Online marketing is exploding. It’s actually difficult to keep pace with new trends and Web-marketing opportunities. It’s causing a lot of business executives to play “catch up” in the evening hours at the conclusion of the business day. (Is there a conclusion to the business day any longer?) We find ourselves voraciously reading blog posts, articles, reports, case studies, and other material, further promoting understanding and generating ideas for our own brands. To save business owners some time, here are a few suggestions, services brought forth due to the evolution of online marketing opportunities.

Video Production and VSEO

Online videos have increased in popularity in recent years. It’s not just about entertainment; many consumers watch videos illustrating desired services and products. Does your brand produce videos? Don’t fall behind; if you’re not, it’s likely at least some of your competitors are, creating more connections to their target markets.

Online marketing has taken video production a step further. Like written content, videos need search engine optimization, hence VSEO or video search engine optimization is offered, helping companies align produced videos with targeted browsers.

Social Paid Search

You can’t deny the popularity of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The stats from 2010, alert us of Facebook’s astronomical traffic. These social platforms have issued paid search advertising opportunities. Social-site ads can hugely impact the revenue flow of a small business brand. However, like other forms of paid advertising, ROI is a factor; ensure someone with experience is leveraging your campaign.


Are there some readers out there hosting e-commerce sites? We’ve seen e-commerce numbers surge in recent years. Consumers are definitely making the online transition, but browsers are savvy, levering comparison shopping engine sites. Is your e-commerce site optimized for exposure on the most popular comparison shopping engines? Comparison shopping engine optimization is an imperative online marketing service.

The Best Way To SEO

The Best Way To SEO

Now, hybrid SEO Montreal videos are coming along that take the creative shape of user-created content but are corporate produced videos, blending the two styles. As YouTube and other video sites have made video more accessible, experimentation in the creation of various forms of video has exploded. These hybrid business videos can be short, about the length of TV spots, or longer videos more representative of user-created videos. This gives businesses more freedom to be creative. They can play with advertising ideas and concepts and see how they perform, ultimately with less overhead and cost than paid placements online or on TV. As a result, these videos show real promise and their creation is gaining substantial steam.

One example of this hybrid style is a video for cyber locker service Mega upload. The video profiles many notable recording artists and celebrities offering praise for the site through a song, and in the end, the 4+ minute video is a cross between a music video and a traditional commercial. Interestingly, the video itself created much initial buzz that only increased when Universal Music Group issued a take down notice to YouTube regarding it citing a copyright claim, before it was re-instated. It now has now been viewed over 10 million times. Aside from the legal matters at play with this company, the popularity of the video and the buzz it created speaks to the power of viral videos in online marketing.

Another area of focus is customer-created videos that are sought by companies to engage their target audience, representing a different strategy. Justin’s Nut Butter, for example, recently ran a campaign that asked for customers to send in their videos of a “Justin’s inspired moment of creativity” in support of their products. All these types of company-driven viral videos are important elements in social media campaigns and can be paired with SEO and pay per click efforts to maximize marketing impact.